Yarmouth and the Sands about it

Greenville Collins (*1643 - 1694)
Coloured sea chart of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. Printed in London by Freeman Collins between 1693 and 1792.

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Decorative antique sea chart of Great Yarmouth on the east coast of England. Shows the coastline from Lowestoft to Winterton-on-Sea with Great Yarmouth, Corton, Gorleston-on-Sea and Caister-on-Sea.

Decorated with rhumb lines, a compass rose and a richly decorated title cartouche. In addition to sandbanks and anchorages, also water depths are indicated.

From Great Britain's Coasting Pilot. Being a New and Exact Survey of the Sea-Coast of England by Captain Greenville Collins. First printed in 1693 by Freeman Collins in London. The charts were reissued until 1792.


CartographerGreenville Collins
TitleYarmouth and the Sands about it
Publisher, YearFreeman Collins, London, 1693-1792
Plate Size45.2 x 57.2 cm (17.8 x 22.5 inches)
Sheet Size52.5 x 63.0 cm (20.7 x 24.8 inches)


Very good conditions. Printed on thick paper.


Captain Greenville Collins (also spelt Greenvill or Greenvile) was an English captain and officer of the Royal Navy. In 1676 he served as a master of the Speedwell. The ship was wrecked off Novaya Zemlya, but the crew was rescued. Based on his journal of the voyage, Charles II drew attention to him and commissioned him to survey the coasts of Great Britain in 1681.

In 1693 he published his atlas Great Britain's Coasting Pilot containing tide tables, coastal views, and 49 sea charts of the coasts of England and Scotland. The Coasting Pilot was printed by his cousin Freeman Collins and sold by Richard Mount. Until the 19th century, 21 additional editions appeared. The sea charts were not very accurate, but an enormous advance against older charts. Collins was not only the first English hydrographer, but also one of the best.

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Greenville Collins: Yarmouth and the Sands about it.
Coloured sea chart of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. Printed in London by Freeman Collins between 1693 and 1792.

Sea Charts - Collins, Greenville - Yarmouth and the Sands about it

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