Antique Maps by Jacob de Riemer (*1676 - 1762)

Jacob de Riemer received his doctorate in 1700 in Leiden, then relocated to The Hague, where he was enrolled as a lawyer. He is the author of the most famous description of the Hague in the 18th century, Beschrijving van's Gravenhage, published 1730 in Delft and 1739 in Den Haag.
  • 1730 - Jacob de Riemer

    Jacob de Riemer:  Haga-comitis in Hollandia 1570

    Delft, 1730

    Large, decorative bird's eye plan of the Hague (Den Haag) from J. de Riemer after G. van Giessen. From Beschryving Van's-Gravenhage .

    Haga-comitis in Hollandia 1570

    Coloured town view of 's-Gravenhage, Den Haag. Printed in Delft in the year 1730.

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