Antique Maps by Christoph Boethius

Christoph Boethius was best known as the author of the Kriegs-Helm, which was long regarded as the standard work on the history of the Turkish wars. It was published in Nuremberg at the end of the 17th century by J. C. Lochner with the title Ruhm-Belorberter Triumph-leuchtender, und Glantz-erhöheter Kriegs-Helm.... With an extensive descriptions of the Turkish wars, copper plates with maps, battle scenes and city views.
  • 1688 - Christoph Boethius

    Christoph Boethius:  Constantinopel

    Johann Christoff Lochner, Nuremberg, 1688

    A rare and very decorative view of Constantinople (Istanbul). From the Kriegs-Helm , a work on the history of the Turkish wars by Christoph Boethius, published in Nuremberg. It shows the burning...


    Coloured town view of Constantinople, Istanbul. Printed in Nuremberg by Johann Christoff Lochner in 1688.

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