Antique Maps by Leander Anguissola (*1652 - 1720)

Leander Anguissola was an engineer, cartographer and lieutenant colonel in the Austrian military. He was active in Vienna as an engineer and lived partly in the Ofen and Prague. He was co-founder and director of the Vienna Military Engineering Academy of 1717. His cartographic work consists of several plans of the City of Vienna.

1686: A map of the Siege of Vienna in 1683 together with Bartolomeo Camuccio: Vienna ci turcis obsessa & deo dante a christianis eliberata
1688: A plan of the adjustment of the Danube river from Höflein to Vienna
1704/5: A map of Vienna with its suburb and the outer fortification together with Jakob Marinoni: Accuratissima Viennae Austriae Ichnographica Delineatio

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