Antique Maps by Nicolaus Bellus (*1580 - 1629)

Nicolaus Bellus, also known as Michael Caspar Lundorp, was a German historian and writer. His most significant work of cartographers view was Ostreicher Lorberkrantz, published 1627 in Frankfurt.
  • Nicolaus Bellus:  Belagerung und Einnehmung der Chur Pfaltzischen Residens Stadt Heydelberg, wie dieselbe von den...

    Frankfurt, 1627

    Copper engraved view of Heidelberg from Nicolaus Bellus out of his important work, the 'Ostreichischer Lorberkrantz'. Showing the besieged city by Tilly in 1622 from a bird's eye view.

    Belagerung und Einnehmung der Chur Pfaltzischen Residens Stadt...
    1627 - Nicolaus Bellus

    Antique town view of Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg. Printed in Frankfurt in the year 1627.

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