Antique Maps by Claude Duflos (*1665 - 1727)

Claude Duflos, a French engraver, was born in Paris in 1665, and died in the same city in 1727.
  • 1747 - Claude Duflos

    Claude Duflos:  Vue de l'Hellespont et de la Propontide

    Merigot & Piget, Paris, 1747

    Impressive engraved view of a Naval Battle at the Dardanelles. Constantinople with the Sea of Marmara in background, title above. Published in Moeurs et Usages des Turcs by Jean-Antoine Guer,...

    Vue de l'Hellespont et de la Propontide

    Antique town view of the Dardanelles, Bosporus, Constantinople. Printed in Paris by Merigot & Piget in 1747.

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