Antique Maps by Girolamo Ruscelli (*1504 - 1566)

Girolamo Ruscelli, an Italian Alchemist, physician and cartographer, was born around 1504 in Viterbo. He has revised the Ptolemy Geography, which was issued from 1561 until 1599 in Venice. The new copper engraved maps are based on G. Gastaldi's edition of 1548. He died 1566 in Venice.
  • Girolamo Ruscelli:  Tavola nuova di Germania

    Vincenzo Valgrisi, Venice, 1561

    Decorative coloured copper engraved map of Germany from "La Geografia" of Girolamo Ruscelli, printed 1561 in Venice by V. Valgrisi.

    Tavola nuova di Germania
    1561 - Girolamo Ruscelli

    Coloured map of Germany. Printed in Venice by Vincenzo Valgrisi in 1561.

  • Girolamo Ruscelli:  Schonladia Nuova

    Venice, 1561-64

    Early copper engraved map of Scandinavia with Greenland by G. Ruscelli from his Geografia di Claudio Tolomeo La Alessandrino . Greenland is separated from Norway by a narrow channel, Iceland is...

    Schonladia Nuova
    1561 - Girolamo Ruscelli

    Antique map of Scandinavia. Printed in Venice in the year 1561.

  • Girolamo Ruscelli:  Africa nuova tavola

    V. Valgrisi, Venice, 1562

    Decorative coloured 16th century map of South Africa by G. Ruscelli. From the latin Ptolemy edition of Gastaldi-Ruscelli by V. Valgrisi, printed in Venice 1562.

    Africa nuova tavola
    1562 - Girolamo Ruscelli

    Coloured map of South Africa. Printed in Venice by V. Valgrisi in 1562.

  • Girolamo Ruscelli:  La Geografia di Claudio Tolomeo Alessandrino, Nuovamente tradotta di Greco in Italiano da...

    Giordano Ziletti, Venice, 1564

    Third edition of Ruscelli's translation of Ptolemy's Geografia and first edition published by G. Ziletti in 1564. The first two Ruscelli editions have been published 1561 and 1562 by V. Valgrisi....

    La Geografia di Claudio Tolomeo Alessandrino, Nuovamente tradotta di...
    1564 - Girolamo Ruscelli

    A 16th century Ptolemy Atlas with 64 engraved maps. Published by Giordano Ziletti in Venice during the year 1564.

  • Girolamo Ruscelli:  Ptolemaei Cognita

    G. Ziletti, Venice, 1574

    Attractive Ptolemaic worldmap of G. Ruscelli from "La Geografia di Claudio Tolomeo Alessandrino". Showing the known world described in the original Geography of Ptolemy around 100 D.C. The map is...

    Ptolemaei Cognita
    1574 - Girolamo Ruscelli

    Antique map of the ptolemaic world. Printed in Venice by G. Ziletti in 1574.

  • Girolamo Ruscelli:  America

    G. Rosaccio, Venice, 1598

    Coloured copper engraved America Map of G. Ruscelli. This example has a thin unexplained engraved line around the continent. From Ruscelli's Ptolemy Geographica "Le Relationi Universali" published...

    1598 - Girolamo Ruscelli

    Coloured map of the American continent. Printed in Venice by G. Rosaccio in 1598.

  • Girolamo Ruscelli:  Geografia di Claudio Tolomeo Alessandrino Tradotta di Greco nell'Idioma Volgare Italiano da...

    M. Sessa Erben, Venice, 1598-99

    Sixth edition of Ruscelli's translation of Ptolemy's Geografia edited and extended by Giuseppe Rosaccio published by the Hires of M. Sessa in 1598 and 1599. Illustrated with 69 double page...

    Geografia di Claudio Tolomeo Alessandrino Tradotta di Greco nell'Idioma...
    1598 - Girolamo Ruscelli

    A 16th century Ptolemy Atlas, published by the Hires of Sessa in Venice during the years 1598-99.

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