Antique Maps by Moses Pitt (*1654 - 1696)

Moses Pitt a London based bookseller was born 1654. He planned to publish a large 12 volume World Atlas based on Blaeu / Janssonius Atlas together with Johannes van Waesbergen. The experiment ruined him and only 4 volumes have been published between 1680 and 1683. He died in 1696.
  • Moses Pitt:  Prussia accurate descripta

    M. Pitt, circa 1680

    Beautiful hand coloured map of Prussia (Prusy) in Poland. Engraved by S. Roger and E. S. Hamersveldt after C. Henneberger. With nice coloured cartouche and sailing ship. From an Atlas of M. Pitt.

    Prussia accurate descripta
    1680 - Moses Pitt

    Coloured map of Prussia. Printed by M. Pitt circa 1680.

  • Moses Pitt:  Taurica Chersonesus, Hodie Przecopsca, et Gazara dicitur.

    Janssonius-Waesberge, Amsterdam, circa 1680

    Attractive map of the Ukraine and the Krim peninsula from M. Pitt published by Janssonius-Waesberge. Based on the Mercator map of the Ukraine. With two cartouches, Dutch text on verso.

    Taurica Chersonesus, Hodie Przecopsca, et Gazara dicitur.
    1680 - Moses Pitt

    Antique map of the Crimea, Ukraine. Printed in Amsterdam by Janssonius-Waesberge circa 1680.

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