Antique Maps by Jan Janszoon Stampioen (*1590 - 1660)

Jan Stampioen was active in Rotterdam as a mathematician, surveyor, cartographer and teacher during the first half of the 17th Century.
  • Jan Janszoon Stampioen:  Het Hooge Heemraedt Schap van Schielandt

    Johan Vingbooms, Amsterdam, 1660

    The exceptional rare first edition of Stampioen's Schieland wall map in stunning original colour and perfect condition.Original old hand-coloured engraved wall-map of Schieland on 9...

    Het Hooge Heemraedt Schap van Schielandt
    1660 - Jan Janszoon Stampioen

    Old coloured wallmap of Schieland on 15 sheets. Published by Johan Vingbooms in Amsterdam during the year 1660. First edition.

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