• 1528 - Benedetto Bordone

    Benedetto Bordone:  Islanda - Irlanda [Iceland ans Ireland]

    Venice, 1528-1565

    Early woodcut map of Iceland by Benedetto Bordone. On verso the map of Ireland.From Libro di Benedetto Bordone... de tutte l'isole del mondo... , more commonly known as Isolario of...

    Islanda - Irlanda [Iceland ans Ireland]

    Antique woodcut map of Iceland ans Ireland. Printed in Venice between 1528 and 1565.

    1 100,00 €
  • 1575 - Tomaso Porcacchi

    Tomaso Porcacchi:  Islanda

    S. Galignani, G. Porro, Venice, circa 1575

    Attractive copper engraved map of Iceland from the famous "L'isole piu famose del Mondo" of T. Porcacci. The map was engraved by Girolamo Porro, and first printed 1572 in Venice.


    Antique map of Iceland. Printed in Venice by S. Galignani, G. Porro circa 1575.

  • 1747 - Emanuel Bowen

    Emanuel Bowen:  A Map of Old Greenland or Oster Bygd & Wester Bygd ... An Improved Map of Iceland ... A Map of...

    E. Bowen, London, 1747

    An unusual copper engraving by E. Bowen from 'A Complete System of Geography'. Featuring 4 small maps of the North Atlantic Islands Greenland, Iceland and Faroe. A curiosity on the sheet is the...

    A Map of Old Greenland or Oster Bygd & Wester Bygd ... An Improved Map...

    Antique map of the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Island. Printed in London by E. Bowen in 1747.

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