Antique Maps by Guillaume Caoursin (*1430 - 1501)

Guillaume Caoursin, son of a Rhodian, was born in 1430 in Douai, Flanders. He was Vice-Chancellor of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem and an important author of his time. He is known as the historian of the Order and as the author of the chronicle of the Siege of Rhodes, which took place in 1480. The chronicle Obsidionis Rhodiae urbis descriptio was first published in 1482 by Johann Snell in Odense and is considered as the first printed book in Denmark. Further editions of the 15th century were published in Venice, Rome, Paris, Bruges and also in Ulm by Johann Reger in 1496. Caoursin died 1501 in Rhodes.
  • Guillaume Caoursin:  Georius fit suspensus

    Johann Reger, Ulm, 1496

    Very rare early woodcut view of Rhodes by Guillaume Caoursin. From the incunable Obsidionis Rhodiae urbis descriptio , printed by Johann Reger in 1496 in Ulm.The full-page woodcut shows...

    Georius fit suspensus
    1496 - Guillaume Caoursin

    Antique woodcut town view of Rhodes. Printed in Ulm by Johann Reger in 1496.

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