Antique Maps by Theodorus Danckerts (*1663 - 1727)

The Danckerts family sold and published maps during the 17th Century in Amsterdam. Theodorus Danckerts, the grandson of the business founder Cornelius Danckerts, was born 1663. He has published several Atlases together with his father Justus between 1680 and 1700. The plates finally have been sold to R. & J. Ottens how published them on their own name. He died in 1727.
  • Theodorus Danckerts:  Exactissima Asiae Delineatio...

    T. Danckerts, Amsterdam, circa 1685

    Beautiful antique map of the Asian continent and East Indies by Theodor Danckerts. It is a close copy of de Wit's map of Asia, with the notable differences. The map vividly captures the extent of...

    Exactissima Asiae Delineatio...
    1685 - Theodorus Danckerts

    Old coloured map of the Asian continent. Printed in Amsterdam by T. Danckerts circa 1685.

    1 100,00 €
  • Theodorus Danckerts:  Judaea sive Terra Sancta quae Israelitarum In Suas Duodecim Tribus Destincata Secretis Ab Invicem...

    T. Danckerts, Amsterdam, circa 1690

    Rare antique map of the Holy Land by Theodorus Danckerts. Divided into the twelve tribes of Israel. To the upper left a magnificent title cartouche. With original old colours. Maps by T. Danckerts...

    Judaea sive Terra Sancta quae Israelitarum In Suas Duodecim Tribus...
    1690 - Theodorus Danckerts

    Old coloured map of Israel, Judea. Printed in Amsterdam by T. Danckerts circa 1690.

    1 200,00 €
  • Theodorus Danckerts:  Lotharingiae et Utriusque Alsatiae

    circa 1696

    Nice coloured map of Lorraine and Alsace from T. Danckerts. Covering the area around Metz and the River Rhine between Basel and Worms. Also the Breisgau and Black Forest around Freiburg is shown....

    Lotharingiae et Utriusque Alsatiae
    1696 - Theodorus Danckerts

    Coloured map of the Breisgau, Alsace, Lorraine. Printed circa 1696.

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