Antique Maps by Heinrich Bünting (*1545 - 1606)

Heinrich Bünting was a protestant Theologian and Chronicler. His main work Itinerarium sacrae scripturae first published 1581, was much valued, mainly because of its emblematic maps, which show the world arranged in the form of a clover leaf with Jerusalem at the centre, Europe in the form of a Queen and Asia in the form of Pegasus.
  • Heinrich Bünting:  Beschreibung des heiligen Landes Canaan

    A. Duncker, Magdeburg, 1581

    Decorative coloured uncommon woodcut map of Palestine / Israel from "Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae" by Heinrich Bunting. His work was much valued after the first edition in 1581, mainly because of...

    Beschreibung des heiligen Landes Canaan
    1581 - Heinrich Bünting

    Coloured woodcut map of Israel, Palestine. Printed in Magdeburg by A. Duncker in 1581.

  • Heinrich Bünting:  Africa Tertia pars Terrae

    Magdeburg, 1581

    Rare and early woodcut map of Africa by Heinrich Bunting. The map has an unusual shape, tapering to a narrow angle in the south. Several rivers appear in West Africa and as tributaries to the Nile....

    Africa Tertia pars Terrae
    1581 - Heinrich Bünting

    Coloured woodcut map of Africa. Printed in Magdeburg in the year 1581.

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