Antique Maps by Reiner Ottens (*1698 - 1750)

Reiner Ottens and his brother Joshua have been active in map printing and selling during the first half of 18th Century. The family business was founded by their father Joachim, but most productive during the time of Reiner and Joshua.
  • 1730 - Reiner Ottens

    Reiner Ottens:  Partie Meridionale de la Souabe

    Reiner and Joshua Ottens, Amsterdam, circa 1730

    Copper engraved map of Swabia by Reiner and Joshua Ottens. The map is based on the Swabia map of G. d'Isle with the same title. Showing the area between the Lake Constance, Fussen, Augsburg and...

    Partie Meridionale de la Souabe

    Coloured map of Swabia, Baden-Württemberg. Printed in Amsterdam by Reiner and Joshua Ottens circa 1730.

    290,00 €
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