Antique Maps by John Thornton (*1641 - 1708)

John Thornton was an English cartographer in the second half of the 17th century. He called himself Hydrograph to the Hudson Bay Company and the East India Company, but there is no evidence of his activity for the companies. In 1677 he entered into a partnership with John Seller together with William Fisher, John Colson and James Atkinson, which lasted only until 1679. Thornton and his colleague took over much of Seller's business. After Thornton's death in 1708, his son Samuel took over the business, but he died shortly afterwards and the stock was finally taken over by Mount and Page.

In Thornton's name the following atlases appeared among others:

- The English Pilot. The Third Book, 1703-11
- The English Pilot. The Fourth Book, 1689
- Atlas Maritimus, 1685, 1700, 1708.
- Hydrographia Galliae: The Sea Coasts of France, 1695

  • John Thornton:  A New Chart of the Irish Sea

    Samuel Thornton, London, circa 1711

    Very rare nautical chart of the Irish Sea by John Thornton. Showing the detailed coastline of the east coast of Ireland, Wales and the west coast of England. Small inset map of the Walney Island...

    A New Chart of the Irish Sea
    1711 - John Thornton

    Coloured sea chart of Irish Sea. Printed in London by Samuel Thornton in 1711.

    1 200,00 €
  • John Thornton:  A large Chart describeing the Sands Shoales Depth of water and Anchorage on the East Coast of...

    John Marr, London, circa 1720

    Rare sea chart of the North Sea coast of Scotland by J. Thornton. Showing the east coast of Scotland with the sea lochs Firth of Forth and Firth of Tay, the mouth of the rivers Forth and Tay into...

    A large Chart describeing the Sands Shoales Depth of water and Anchorage...
    1720 - John Thornton

    Coloured sea chart of Edinburgh, Firth of Forth. Printed in London by John Marr circa 1720.

    590,00 €
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