Antique Maps by Gerard de Jode (*1509 - 1591)

Gerard de Jode was a printer, publisher, cartographer and engraver in Antwerp, active the same time period as his business rival A. Ortelius. His main work Speculum Orbis Terrarum a major World Atlas, which is extremely rare today, could not be published until 1578, eight years later than the Ortelius Atlas Theatrum Orbis Terrarum in 1570. His son Cornelius de Jode reissued the Altas in 1593. The copper plates have been sold to J.B. Vrients after the death of Cornelius, but no further publication was done. Compared to Ortelius or Mercator maps, only a small number of copies have been printed and makes the maps of G. de Jode vary rare items today.
  • 1578 - Gerard de Jode

    Gerard de Jode:  Wirtenbergensis Ducatus Elegans Delineatio / Palatinatus Superioris

    G. de Jode, Antwerp, 1578

    Copper engraved map of Wurttemberg and the northern part of Bavaria by Gerard de Jode. Two maps printed from one plate. The round Wurttemberg map is sourrounded by four wind heads and based on the...

    Wirtenbergensis Ducatus Elegans Delineatio / Palatinatus Superioris

    Antique map of Bavaria, Wurttemberg. Printed in Antwerp by G. de Jode in 1578.

    900,00 €
  • 1593 - Gerard de Jode

    Gerard de Jode:  Galliae amplissimi regni tabula

    G. de Jode, Antwerp, 1593

    Rare antique map of France by Gerard de Jode. The map appeared only in the second edition of G. de Jodes Atlas Speculum orbis terrae in 1593. To the top right a decorative title cartouche, in the...

    Galliae amplissimi regni tabula

    Antique map of France. Printed in Antwerp by G. de Jode in 1593.

    950,00 €
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