Antique Maps by Mount & Page

The publishers Mount and Page dominated the production of sea atlases in England for over a century. Founded by William Fisher in the mid-17th century, the first sea atlas was produced together with John Thornton in 1677 after they took over John Seller's insolvent business. The partnership with Thornton did not last long and Fisher was soon joined by his son-in-law Richard Mount (1654-1722). When Fisher died around 1701, he was assisted by his son-in-law Thomas Page (-1733), leading to the familiar company name. The publishing firm was continued by the sons and grandsons of Richard and Thomas. They extended their supremacy through several acquisitions of the stocks of well-known chart makers. For example, the printing plates of John Seller, Jeremiah Seller and Charles Price, as well as the stock of John Thornton after the death of Samuel Thornton, were acquired.
  • Mount & Page:  A Chart of the Coasts of Ireland and part of England

    Mount & Page, London, circa 1740

    Rare sea chart of Ireland by Mount and Page. Shows the detailed coastline of Ireland, Wales, the west coast of England and the southwest coast of Scotland. With details of water depth, sandbanks...

    A Chart of the Coasts of Ireland and part of England
    1740 - Mount & Page

    Coloured sea chart of Ireland. Printed in London by Mount & Page circa 1740.

    1 300,00 €
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