Antique Maps by John Bachmann (*1814 - 1896)

John Bachmann was a Swiss-born artist and lithographer. He was active in Switzerland and Paris until 1847, and in America from 1848. In 1849 and 1850 he created and published a series of American city views, including bird's-eye views of New York, Philadelphia, Boston, New Orleans and Havana.
  • John Bachmann:  Bird's Eye View of Philadelphia

    J. Bachmann, Sarony & Major, New York, 1850

    Stunning View of Philadelphia by John BachmannLarge and rare view of Philadelphia by John Bachmann for Sarony & Major. This magnificent bird's eye view shows the skyline of Philadelphia...

    Bird's Eye View of Philadelphia
    1850 - John Bachmann

    Bird's eye view of Philadelphia. Printed in New York by J. Bachmann, Sarony & Major in 1850.

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