Antique Maps by Bernardus Sylvanus

Bernardus Sylvanus also known as Bernardo Silvano of Eboli, created a unique hybrid of Classical and modern information on his maps for the 1511 Ptolemy edition Claudii Ptholemaei Alexandrini liber Geographicae..., printed in Venice. He fitted Ptolemy's list of provinces, towns, and other places as they existed in the Classical period to the modern geographical outline of the coasts, rivers, and mountains. The maps have been printed in two colours - black and red, one of the earliest examples of two colour printing.
  • Bernardus Sylvanus:  Duodecima et ultima Asiae tabula

    J. Pentius de Leucho, Venice, 1511

    Early woodcut map of Ceylon / Sri Lanka printed in red and black. From Bernardus Sylvanus also known as Bernardo Silvano of Eboli Ptolemy edition 'Claudii Ptholemaei Alexandrini liber...

    Duodecima et ultima Asiae tabula
    1511 - Bernardus Sylvanus

    Antique woodcut map of Taprobana, Sri Lanka, Ceylon. Printed in Venice by J. Pentius de Leucho in 1511.

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