Antique Maps by Henry Raigniauld

Henry Raigniauld, also known as Raignauld, was a French engraver during the early 1600s.
  • 1629 - Henry Raigniauld

    Henry Raigniauld:  Isle de Cipre

    J. Baudoin oder A. de Naberat, Paris, 1629 or 1640

    Rare map of Cyprus engraved by H. Raigniauld. The map comes from Histoire des Chevaliers de l'Ordre de S. Iean de Hierusalem by J. Baudoin printed 1629 in Paris, or from the 1640 edition by A. de...

    Isle de Cipre

    Antique map of Cyprus. Printed in Paris by J. Baudoin oder A. de Naberat in 1629 or 1640.

    2 900,00 €
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