Antique Maps by Natal Bonifacio (*1537 - 1592)

Natale Bonifacio, also known as Natale Bonifacio de Sebenico, was born in Šibenik. He worked as a copper engraver and wood cutter in Rome and Venice during the second half of the 16th century.
  • Natal Bonifacio:  Rhodi Insula nobilissima nel Mare

    Venice, circa 1570

    A very fine and rare map of Rhodes by Natale Bonifacio. To the upper left a decorative cartouche with key and the title Li Savii di Rhodi , to the upper right another cartouche. Below left the...

    Rhodi Insula nobilissima nel Mare
    1570 - Natal Bonifacio

    Antique map of Rhodes. Printed in Venice circa 1570.

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