Rhodi Insula nobilissima nel Mare

Natal Bonifacio (*1537 - 1592)
Antique map of Rhodes. Printed in Venice circa 1570.

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A very fine and rare map of Rhodes by Natale Bonifacio. To the upper left a decorative cartouche with key and the title Li Savii di Rhodi, to the upper right another cartouche. Below left the title cartouche dated In Venetia 1570 and the signature of N. Bonifacio which is weakly visible. Below right a large compass rose in the sea.

Among the most popular cartographic works are the Italian atlases of the 16th century, the so-called Lafreri atlases, an individual composition of maps of different types and sizes. The maps are very rare and can often only be found in large libraries and state collections.


CartographerNatal Bonifacio
TitleRhodi Insula nobilissima nel Mare
Publisher, YearVenice, circa 1570
Plate Size31.3 x 24.3 cm (12.3 x 9.6 inches)
Sheet Size32.3 x 25.8 cm (12.7 x 10.2 inches)
ReferenceBifolco S. & Ronca F.: Cartografia e topografia italiana del XVI secolo, No. 770; Meurer, P.H.: The Strabo Illustratus Atlas, No. 75; Tooley, R.V.: Maps in Italian Atlases of the Sixteenth Century, No. 466; Zacharakis, C. G.: A Catalogue of printed Maps of Greece, 3rd edition, #3487/2274


Traces of old mount on verso. Two small brown spots in lower half. Excellent silky impression with slight plate tone. Very good condition.


Natale Bonifacio, also known as Natale Bonifacio de Sebenico, was an engraver and wood cutter from Dalmatia who worked and lived in Venice and Rome. In the 1570s, he created engraved maps in Venice, which were subsequently featured in Civitatum aliquot insignorum et locorum magis..., initially published by Ferrando Bertelli in 1568 and later by Donato Bertelli in 1574. Starting in 1575, he established himself in Rome, where he prolifically produced numerous engravings encompassing both ecclesiastical and secular subjects. Notable among his works are the renowned 1580 map of Palermo, a perspective view of Acquapendente from 1582, and the 1587 map of Abruzzo. Bonifacio's exceptional engraving skills established him as the preeminent Roman topographer of his era.

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Natal Bonifacio: Rhodi Insula nobilissima nel Mare.
Antique map of Rhodes. Printed in Venice circa 1570.

Greece - Bonifacio, Natal - Rhodi Insula nobilissima nel Mare

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