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Welcome to Götzfried Antique Maps. We offer antique maps by the most famous cartographers, sea charts from the Age of Discovery and atlases printed almost 500 years ago.

Only authentic antique maps dating from the 15th to the 18th centuries. - Guaranteed.


New Additions

  • 1603 - Abraham Ortelius

    Abraham Ortelius:  Germaniae Veteris, Typus.

    A. Ortelius, Antwerp, 1603

    Old coloured, antique map of Germany and the central part of Europe during the classical antiquity by Abraham Ortelius. With Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and parts of Switzerland, Poland and...

    Germaniae Veteris, Typus.

    Old coloured map of Germany. Printed in Antwerp by A. Ortelius in 1603.

    420,00 €
  • 1595 - Gerard Mercator

    Gerard Mercator:  Fionia

    G. Mercator, Duisburg, 1595-1602

    Old coloured antique map of the eastern part of South Denmark by Gerard Mercator. With Funen (Fyn) and the offshore islands Langeland and Ærø. Below a title cartouche. From the early Latin edition...


    Old coloured map of Fyn. Printed in Duisburg by G. Mercator in 1595.

    260,00 €
  • 1607 - Gerard Mercator

    Gerard Mercator:  Iutia Septentrionalis

    J. Hondius, Amsterdam, 1607-08

    Antique Map of Jutland (Jylland) in Denmark by Gerard Mercator. Shows Midtjylland (Central Jutland) between the North Sea and Kattegat with Thisted, Aalborg, Randers, Aarhus, Horsens, Grenaa and...

    Iutia Septentrionalis

    Coloured map of Jutland (Jylland). Printed in Amsterdam by J. Hondius in 1607.

    350,00 €
  • 1667 - Willem Janszoon Blaeu

    Willem Janszoon Blaeu:  Lalandia, Falstria et Mona Insulae in Mari Balthico

    Joan Blaeu, Amsterdam, 1667

    Antique map of southeastern part of Denmark by J. Blaeu. Shows the islands Lolland, Falster and Møn with the southern tip of Zealand (Sjælland) in the Baltic Sea. Decorated with two beautiful...

    Lalandia, Falstria et Mona Insulae in Mari Balthico

    Coloured map of Mon, Falster, Lolland. Printed in Amsterdam by Joan Blaeu in 1667.

    350,00 €
  • 1613 - Gerard Mercator

    Gerard Mercator:  Daniae Regnu

    J. Hondius, Amsterdam, 1613-19

    Old coloured antique map of Denmark by Gerard Mercator. Shows Denmark with Holstein and Mecklenburg with Rügen in the south and south Sweden in the north. Top right a title cartouche, in the North...

    Daniae Regnu

    Old coloured map of Denmark. Printed in Amsterdam by J. Hondius in 1613.

    420,00 €
  • 1584 - Gerard Mercator

    Gerard Mercator:  Europ: IIII Tab:

    G. Kempen, Cologne, 1584

    Early engraved map of Germany by G. Mercator after Ptolemy. This map comes from the Cologne edition of the Geographia of Ptolemy from 1584. Latin text on verso.

    Europ: IIII Tab:

    Old coloured map of Germany. Printed in Cologne by G. Kempen in 1584.

    650,00 €
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