Antique Maps by Stefano Borgia (*1731 - 1804)

Stefano Borgia was a cardinal of the Roman Church who enjoyed Europe-wide fame as a scholar and collector. He expanded the Museo Borgiano founded by his grandfather in his childhood home in Velletri. In 1793 he was elected an honorary member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences.
  • Stefano Borgia:  Apographon descriptionis orbis terrae.

    C. J. P. F. Borgia, 1797

    The famous Borgia world map. Engraved and printed after the masterwork on 2 heavy plates from the mid-15th century, which was discovered in Portugal in an antique shop and bought by Cardinal...

    Apographon descriptionis orbis terrae.
    1797 - Stefano Borgia

    Medieval World Map. Printed by C. J. P. F. Borgia in 1797.

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