Antique Maps by Bernhard von Breydenbach (*1440 - 1497)

Bernhard von Breidenbach (Breidenbach), 1456 enrolment in Erfurt as Dr. jur., canon in Mainz, 1477-91 treasurer of the secular city court, 1483-84 pilgrimage to Jerusalem and to Sinai, the description, with beautiful woodcuts provided by Erhard Reuwich, published 1486 in a German and Latin print and widely distributed. (Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon: Francke, Saur 1968)
  • 1486 - Bernhard von Breydenbach

    Bernhard von Breydenbach:  Modon

    Erhard Reuwich, Peter Schoeffer, Mainz, 1486

    Large realistic woodcut view of Methoni on the southwestern end of the Peloponnese. From the earliest printed travel guide 'Terram Sanctam Peregrinatio' by Bernard of Breydenbach, printed in Mainz...


    Antique woodcut town view of Methoni, Peloponnes. Printed in Mainz by Erhard Reuwich, Peter Schoeffer in 1486.

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