• 1574 - Sebastian Münster

    Sebastian Münster:  Beschreibung des Koenigreichs Dennmarck...

    Heinrich Petri, Basle, 1574

    Early woodcut map of Denmark and Southern Sweden by Sebastian Münster. On the full text sheet. From the German edition of Sebastian Münster's Cosmography, titled Cosmographey oder beschreibung...

    Beschreibung des Koenigreichs Dennmarck...

    Antique woodcut map of Sweden, Denmark. Printed in Basle by Heinrich Petri in 1574.

    120,00 €
  • 1640 - Willem Janszoon Blaeu

    Willem Janszoon Blaeu:  Fionia vulgo Funen

    J. Blaeu, Amsterdam, circa 1640

    Beautiful old coloured map of Funen in Denmark from J. Blaeu. Showing Funen, Als and Langeland. With one coloured cartouche and scale.

    Fionia vulgo Funen

    Old coloured map of Fyn, Funen, Denmark. Printed in Amsterdam by J. Blaeu circa 1640.

  • 1747 - Emanuel Bowen

    Emanuel Bowen:  A New and Accurate Map of Denmark ...

    E. Bowen, London, 1747

    Decorative engraved map of Denmark by Bowen from 'A Complete System of Geography'. With one decorative cartouche, a compass rose and a mileage scale.

    A New and Accurate Map of Denmark ...

    Antique map of Denmark. Printed in London by E. Bowen in 1747.

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