Het Hooge Heemraedt Schap van Schielandt

Jan Janszoon Stampioen (*1590 - 1660)
Old coloured wallmap of Schieland on 15 sheets. Published by Johan Vingbooms in Amsterdam during the year 1660. First edition.

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The exceptional rare first edition of Stampioen's Schieland wall map in stunning original colour and perfect condition.

Original old hand-coloured engraved wall-map of Schieland on 9 engraved double-page sheets (each plate size 488 x 578 mm), six single-page armorial crests (plate size each 488 x 290 mm), constituting a wall map with a total plate size of approximately 1470 x 2310 mm. All maps and crests in stunning original old colour, illuminated with gold leaf and liquid silver. Bound in a contemporary mottled calf of Imperial Folio size (518 x 355 mm), decorated with gilt on spine, and golden letters 'Kaarte Boek van het Hoogheemraadschap van Schielandt' with a gilt frame on front cover.

The first image above was put together with the help of image processing to obtain an overall impression of the map. The single leaves of the map are bound in book style.

The beautiful wall-map shows the waterboard of Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard in southwest Holland, based on surveys initiated by the Dyke Reeves of the Schieland Polder in 1648 since the 1611 map of Balthasar Floris was outdated. The survey was done by Jan Janszoon Stampioen between 1649 and 1654. After a long lasting search, a qualified engraver was found. The map was finally engraved by J. Vingboons of Amsterdam, best known for the exquisite manuscript maps and views he produced based on Dutch East and West India Company materials. The drawing, engraving and printing costed 3350 guilders, a fortune in those days. For colouring, Johannes van de Vennip from Rotterdam has been assigned. In the year 1665 costs came to 22 Gulden and 4 Stuivers. (souce: http://www.archieven.nl; Voor het kleuren van een kaart werd een beroep gedaan op Johannes van de Vennip te Rotterdam, ' die in 1665 voor het 'affsetten, den raem, het linde, placken en spannen, de rollen en de franje' een bedrag in rekening bracht van 22 gulden en 4 stuivers).

The map lays out the principal towns, villages and settlements, differentiating the land ownerships. Also shown are the borders of the polders (tracks of reclaimed lands) throughout the area and identifies their owners. It displays drainage canals, windmills, certain cultivated areas, ornamental gardens, some larger buildings, churches and street or canal plans of the cities of Rotterdam, Delfshaven, Gouda and Schiedam. The map, if mounted completely, is surrounded by coat-of-arms on three sides.

We could locate only two copies of this first edition of 1660, printed and published in Amsterdam by J. Vingbooms, the engraver itself. One copy is hold at Yale University Library and the other copy is preserved at the archive of 'Hoogheemraadschap van Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard' in the Netherlands. Both maps are uncoloured. Our copy of Vingbooms Schieland map seems to be the only coloured first edition version of this work which has survived. There have been several later editions in 1684, 1694, 1710, 1718 and 1765. Even the later editions are scarce on the market, since many copies were issued as unbound wall maps and have been destroyed over the times.


CartographerJan Janszoon Stampioen
TitleHet Hooge Heemraedt Schap van Schielandt
Publisher, YearJohan Vingbooms, Amsterdam, 1660
Plate Size147.0 x 231.0 cm (57.9 x 90.9 inches)
CoverFull leather binding with blind and gilt stamping


Edges and corners of the binding rubbed. Maps in perfect condition. 8 sheets manuscript notes enclosed, see images.


Jan Stampioen was active in Rotterdam as a mathematician, surveyor, cartographer and teacher during the first half of the 17th Century.

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Jan Janszoon Stampioen: Het Hooge Heemraedt Schap van Schielandt.
Old coloured wallmap of Schieland on 15 sheets. Published by Johan Vingbooms in Amsterdam during the year 1660. First edition.

Netherlands - Stampioen, Jan Janszoon - Het Hooge Heemraedt Schap van Schielandt

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