Caarte voor een gedeelte der Canarise Eylanden

Pieter Goos (*1615 - 1675)
Old coloured sea chart of the Canary Islands. Printed in Amsterdam circa 1660.

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Rare sea chart of the Canary Islands by Pieter Goos. The islands featured from left to right include El Hierro, La Palma, La Gomera, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Isla de Lobos, Lanzarote, La Graciosa, Montaña Clara, and Alegranza.

The chart not only indicates the locations of ports but also includes crucial navigational information such as soundings, sand bars, fishing banks, and potential hazards. Additionally, it features rhumb lines, scales, a ship illustration, and an ornate compass rose. The decorative title cartouche adds an artistic touch to the map.

An inset map specifically focuses on the harbor of Lanzarote, an island that served as an important Dutch trading center in the 17th century. The small cartouche and compass rose in the inset map contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of this sea chart. The map was originally published in Pieter Goos' De Zee-Atlas Ofte Water-Weereld. Old mounted on paper, as usual for nautical charts by Goos.


CartographerPieter Goos
TitleCaarte voor een gedeelte der Canarise Eylanden
Publisher, YearAmsterdam, circa 1660
Plate Size42.5 x 52.3 cm (16.7 x 20.6 inches)
Sheet Size44.7 x 54.3 cm (17.6 x 21.4 inches)


Somewhat browned, centrefold partially backed. Very good condition with beautiful old colouring. As usual for nautical charts of this period, old mounted on paper.


Pieter Goos, the son of Abraham Goos, was born 1615. He continued his father's successful business and became a famous engraver of sea charts. Pieter Goos' marine atlases were held to be among the finest printed at the time and were often added to the nine or twelve volumes of Blaeu's Atlas Maior. (Shirley). He died in 1675.

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Pieter Goos: Caarte voor een gedeelte der Canarise Eylanden.
Old coloured sea chart of the Canary Islands. Printed in Amsterdam circa 1660.

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