Paskaerte van de Bocht van Vranckrijck, Biscajen en Galissen.

Johannes Loots (*1665 - 1726)
Sea chart of the Bay of Biscay. Printed in Amsterdam by Johannes Loots circa 1700.

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Rare sea chart of the Bay of Biscay by Johannes Loots. Shows the gulf of the northeast Atlantic Ocean (Golfe de Gascogne) from Galicia to Brittany along the north coast of Spain and the west coast of France. With Bilbao, Ferrol, Gijon, Santander, St. Jean de Luz, Bajonne, Bordeaux and Brest. With a title cartouche, a mileage scale and a compass rose surrounded by rhumb lines.

This nautical chart of the Bay of Biscay was already published in a similar form by Pieter Goos with different cartouches and with two ships. However, the map by Goos is more frequently found.

Old doubled on blue paper. Nautical charts not bound in atlases and intended for navigation at sea were often reinforced with a second sheet, as seen here. This made them easier to handle and a suitable set of different maps could be taken along on the planned voyage.


All sea charts by Johannes Loots are extremely rare, as they were mostly sold as single sheets and used for navigation at sea. Usually, antique maps are preserved over the centuries only if they were protected and bound in a book or atlas. Only a few atlases by Johannes Loots are known, one with 14 nautical charts is hold by the Library of Congress, Washington. This map of the Bay of Biscay offered here is also bound into this sea atlas:
Until 2011, only 5 charts by Johannes Loots were listed in the AMPR. For comparison: 720 charts by Johannes van Keulen can be found in the AMPR.


CartographerJohannes Loots
TitlePaskaerte van de Bocht van Vranckrijck, Biscajen en Galissen.
Publisher, YearJohannes Loots, Amsterdam, circa 1700
Plate Size51.1 x 59.0 cm (20.1 x 23.2 inches)
Sheet Size53.6 x 59.5 cm (21.1 x 23.4 inches)


Old, probably immediately after printing, backed with blue paper. A little bit browned and stained. Very good condition.


Johannes Loots was a publisher of nautical charts active in Amsterdam around 1700. Loots was apprenticed to Hendrick Doncker in the 1680's and originally made nautical instruments. In 1693 he was admitted to the Guild of Booksellers and began publishing nautical charts and atlases. His shop in Amsterdam was on the same street as the publishing house of Johannes van Keulen and Hendrick Doncker.

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Johannes Loots: Paskaerte van de Bocht van Vranckrijck, Biscajen en Galissen..
Sea chart of the Bay of Biscay. Printed in Amsterdam by Johannes Loots circa 1700.

Atlantic Ocean - Loots, Johannes - Paskaerte van de Bocht van Vranckrijck,...

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