Coloured map of the Philippines, Thailand, China, India. Printed in Amsterdam by Henricus Hondius in 1623.

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One of the Most Beautiful Early Maps of Southeast Asia.

Antique map of the Indian subcontinent with the Philippines and parts of Indonesia by Jodocus Hondius. Shows Southeast Asia between India and southern part of China up to Taiwan (Formosa). With the Malay Peninsula, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and parts of Sumatra with Borneo. From the French edition of the Mercator-Hondius Atlas of 1623.

Thomas Suárez in Early Mapping of Southeast Asia about this map:

For their artistic character and engraving style, these splendid maps better represent the concluding chapter of the sixteenth century rather than the dawn of the seventeenth. Geographically, Hondius largely followed the Bartolomeu Lasso pattern, adopting many of its idiosyncrasies, such as the Enseada de Cochinchina (Bay of Cochinchina = Gulf of Tongkin) with an exaggerated rendering of the Red River Delta. Hondius adds, however, a bit from his own notebook.

The river systems of Southeast Asia are still depicted classically by Hondius. The rivers west of the Mekong have its source in Lake Chiamay, a large Himalayan lake. The Mergui Archipelago off the Burmese part of the Malay Peninsula is unusually depicted as an island-studded sea, and the oversized island in the north of the Gulf of Siam, called Sian, on which the Siamese court of Ayuthaya sat.

One of the most beautifully engraved early Dutch maps of this region. With three cartouches, two sailing ships and a sea monster.


CartographerJodocus Hondius
TitleIndia Orientalis
Publisher, YearHenricus Hondius, Amsterdam, 1623
Plate Size35.5 x 48.8 cm (14.0 x 19.2 inches)
Sheet Size45.4 x 55.5 cm (17.9 x 21.9 inches)
ReferenceVan der Krogt, P.: Koeman's Atlantes Neerlandici, 8400:1A; Suarez, T.: Early Mapping of Southeast Asia, p. 194, Fig. 111.


Centrefold backed in upper and lower margin, tears backed in right white margin. Very good condition.


Jodocus Hondius was born 1563 in Wakken (West Flanders). He became a globe maker and map engraver. In 1593 he set up his business in Amsterdam after he spent several years in London. He was one of the most important engravers of his time and engraved maps for van den Keere, Waghenaer and Speed. Hondius bought the plates of Mercator in 1604, added around 40 maps and published the expanded Mercator-Atlas first 1606 still under Mercator's name. After his death 1612 in Amsterdam, the business was carried out by his sons Jodocus II and Henricus.

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Jodocus Hondius: India Orientalis.
Coloured map of the Philippines, Thailand, China, India. Printed in Amsterdam by Henricus Hondius in 1623.

Southeast Asia - Hondius, Jodocus - India Orientalis

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