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Planiglobii Terrestris cum utroq Hemisphaerio Caelesti [and] Totius Africae [and]...

Johann Baptist Homann (*1664 - 1724)
Old coloured world map and continent maps by Johann Baptist Homann. Published around 1720 in Nuremberg.

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A matching set of the World and the Continents by J. B. Homann

World Planiglobii Terrestris cum utroq Hemisphaerio Caelesti: Old coloured antique world map by J. B. Homann. With southern and northern star maps. California is properly drawn as a peninsula, Australia is still very incomplete, the east coast of New Zealand already exists. Also marked are the routes of the explorers and seafarers Dampier, Magellan, Tasman, Charmont and Gaetani. In the background, windheads and natural phenomena such as the volcano (Etna), earthquakes, the tides, geysers in Norway and a rainbow. At the top a title band holded by Putti. Below a detailed description in Latin. One of the most beautiful and interesting world map of the 18th century.

Africa Totius Africae Nova Repraesentatio qua Practer Diversos in ea Status et Regiones: The first map of Africa by J. B. Homann. Parts of the geographic information are already shown accurately, others are still based on the Ptolemaic maps, such as the source of the Nile in the Lakes Zaire and Zaflan. On the left a detailed description of the Nile. Very detailed inland. Beautiful title cartouche with the inhabitants and animals of Africa, ivory to the left below.

America Totius Americae Septentrionalis et Meridionalis Novissima Repraesentatio: The first of two America maps of Homann. This copy is in the third state with California already correctly represented as a peninsula. For the early 18th century a very detailed map, the Southwest and the Great Lakes have been supplemented over earlier maps by records and reports of the Hudson's Bay Company and French traders.

Asia Asiae Recentissima Delineatio, qua Status et Imperia Totius Orientis Unacum Orientalibus Indiis Exhibentur: An early map of Asia by J.B. Homann. With Kamchatka already drawn as a peninsular. Compagnie Land to the upper right could be an early representation of Alaska or a misrepresentation of Hokkaido. With an outline of Nova Hollandia and Carpentaria, both parts of Australia. Also mentioned the Dampier Strait, named Dampieri, separates New Guinea and New Britain. Decorated with a beautiful title cartouche showing a Sultan on his throne.

Europe Europa Christiani Orbis Domina: Beautiful, very detailed antique map of Europe by J. B. Homann. The colour corresponds to the national borders at the beginning of the 18th century. Top left a magnificent title cartouche surrounded by putti.


CartographerJohann Baptist Homann
TitlePlaniglobii Terrestris cum utroq Hemisphaerio Caelesti [and] Totius Africae [and] Totius Americae Septentrionalis et Meridionalis [and] Asiae Recentissima Delineatio [and] Europa Christiani Orbis Domina
Publisher, YearJ. B. Homann, Nuremberg, circa 1720
Plate Size48.0 x 54.0 cm (18.9 x 21.3 inches)
Sheet Size53.0 x 62.3 cm (20.9 x 24.5 inches)


An excellent set in original old colours and original margins, never framed before; World map: excellent, tiny tears in lower margin backed; Africa map: very good, right to centrefold signs of a crease; America map: very good, minor signs of a creases; Asia map: very good, minor toning in upper left margin; Europe map: very good.


Johann Baptist Homann was born 1664 in Oberkammlach. He founded his business 1702 in Nuremberg, Germany. After a long period of Dutch domination in map publishing, the Homann publishing house became the most important map and atlas producer in Germany. He became a member of the Academy of Science in Berlin just after he published his first atlas in 1707. After his death 1724 in Nuremberg, the company was continued by his son Johann Christoph. The publishing firm was bequeathed to his heirs after his death in 1730 and was traded under the name Homann Heirs until the next century.

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Johann Baptist Homann: Planiglobii Terrestris cum utroq Hemisphaerio Caelesti [and] Totius Africae [and] Totius Americae Septentrionalis et....
Old coloured world map and continent maps by Johann Baptist Homann. Published around 1720 in Nuremberg.

World Maps - Homann, Johann Baptist - Planiglobii Terrestris cum utroq...

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