Geographische Universal-Zeig und Schlag-Uhr

Johann Baptist Homann (*1664 - 1724)
Old coloured map of California as an Island. Printed in Nuremberg by J.B. Homann circa 1720.

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Curious Depiction of California as an Island.

Illustration of a geographical clock by Zacharias Landteck, who manufactured it in the early 1700's in Nuremberg. The engraving was created by J. B. Homann and shows the clock with a detailed description of the function. The curious clock enables the mid-day sun height, the day length and the sunrise and sunset on the northern hemisphere.

The globe in the centre is surrounded by clouds within a ring of Zodiac signs. The hemisphere is centred at the North Pole, California is still depicted as an island.

Fortunately, the original clock is preserved and located in the Swiss clock museum of La Chaux-de-Fonds close to Bern.


CartographerJohann Baptist Homann
TitleGeographische Universal-Zeig und Schlag-Uhr
Publisher, YearJ.B. Homann, Nuremberg, circa 1720
Plate Size49.2 x 58.3 cm (19.4 x 23.0 inches)
Sheet Size54.0 x 66.3 cm (21.3 x 26.1 inches)
ReferenceMcLaughlin, G.; Mayo, N.H.: The Mapping of California as an Island: An Illustrated Checklist, No. 208.


Slightly wrinkled at centerfold, some water staining in margin, a tear on the right and two small tears in centerfold backed, in upper margin a small repair. Beautiful original old colours.


Johann Baptist Homann was born 1664 in Oberkammlach. He founded his business 1702 in Nuremberg, Germany. After a long period of Dutch domination in map publishing, the Homann publishing house became the most important map and atlas producer in Germany. He became a member of the Academy of Science in Berlin just after he published his first atlas in 1707. After his death 1724 in Nuremberg, the company was continued by his son Johann Christoph. The publishing firm was bequeathed to his heirs after his death in 1730 and was traded under the name Homann Heirs until the next century.

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Johann Baptist Homann: Geographische Universal-Zeig und Schlag-Uhr.
Old coloured map of California as an Island. Printed in Nuremberg by J.B. Homann circa 1720.

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