[Donau Strom von Sigmaringen bis Donauwörth]

Manuscript map on vellum of Upper Swabia. Drawn around 1702.

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Important manuscript map of the Danube River in Upper Swabia on vellum.

Very large, impressive and detailed manuscript map of the Danube river between Sigmaringen and Donauwörth. Drawn on vellum. The map was created around 1702 and shows the area between Sigmaringen and Riedlingen in the west and Donauwörth and Augsburg in the east. In the north with Geislingen and Nördlingen, in the south to Kempten, Kaufbeuren and Landsberg. Along the Danube Munderkingen, Ehingen, Ulm, Leipheim and Günzburg. Serveral numbered military positions are shown.

Our research showed that the Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg (General State Archive Karlsruhe) holds a manuscript map on vellum under the signature H-f No. 284, showing another section of the Danube. After visual comparison, it is most probably made by the same artist. On the map of the General State Archives Meichsner Lieut. is written in a corner, the same name is mentioned on the back of our map. The Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg could date their map to 1702.

To the top left an very skillful executed cartouche with flags and drums, in the lower corners two empty cartouches, a compass rose on brickwork and an empty title banner. Titled Donau Strom von Sigmaringen bis Donauwörth. No. 13. on verso in brown ink by an old hand.


Title[Donau Strom von Sigmaringen bis Donauwörth]
Publisher, Yearcirca 1702
Sheet Size86.0 x 69.0 cm (33.9 x 27.2 inches)


Flatted vertical and horizontal folding. Very good condition.

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Anonymous: [Donau Strom von Sigmaringen bis Donauwörth].
Manuscript map on vellum of Upper Swabia. Drawn around 1702.

Germany - Anonymous - [Donau Strom von Sigmaringen bis Donauwörth]

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