Saxoniae Inferioris Circulus juxta Principatus

George Matthäus Seutter (*1678 - 1757)
Coloured map of North Germany. Printed in Augsburg by M. Seutter circa 1730.

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Old coloured map of northern part of Germany by M. Seutter. Covering the area of Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein up to Berlin in the East. With a figurative cartouche.


CartographerGeorge Matthäus Seutter
TitleSaxoniae Inferioris Circulus juxta Principatus
Publisher, YearM. Seutter, Augsburg, circa 1730
Plate Size49.5 x 57.0 cm (19.5 x 22.4 inches)
Sheet Size50.5 x 58.2 cm (19.9 x 22.9 inches)


Margin cut up to plate, strong browning, several creases, left side and margins backed with old paper.


George Matthaus Seutter, a German publisher, cartographer and engraver from Augsburg, was born 1678 as the son of a goldsmith. After an apprenticeship at J. B. Homann in Nuremberg, he returned to his native city of Augsburg and worked in the publishing firm of Jeremiah Wolf. In 1707 he founded his own successful publishing company and produced maps, atlases and globes. Seutter died in 1757. The company went over to his son Albrecht Carl and his stepsons G. B. Probst and T. C. Lotter in after his death in 1757. The latter being regarded as his true successor. According to C. Sandler, following atlases have been published by Seutter:

- Atlas Geographicus oder Accurate Vorstellung der Ganzen Welt, 1725
- Atlas Compendiosus oder die ganze Welt in den nothwendigsten Geographischen Charten
- Atlas Compendiosus Scholasticus
- Atlas Novus Indicubus Instructus, 1728
- Grosser Atlas, 1734
- Atlas Minor, 1744

Beside the atlases, Seutter produced a pair of 20 cm table globes during his early days.

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George Matthäus Seutter: Saxoniae Inferioris Circulus juxta Principatus.
Coloured map of North Germany. Printed in Augsburg by M. Seutter circa 1730.

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