Oiseau-Mouche à Oreilles d'Azur, Femelle

René Primevère Lesson (*1794 - 1849)
Lithography of an animal. Hummingbird. Printed in Paris by Arthus Bertrand in 1829.

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Beautiful highly detailed sheet with a hummingbird printed in colour from plate and finished by hand. "Histoire naturelle des oiseaux-mouches" was the first work of three by Lesson on hummingbirds. This was the most comprehensive work on hummingbirds until Gould's great monograph started around 20 years later.


CartographerRené Primevère Lesson
TitleOiseau-Mouche à Oreilles d'Azur, Femelle
Publisher, YearArthus Bertrand, Paris, 1829
Sheet Size23.0 x 14.2 cm (9.1 x 5.6 inches)
Volumeplate Nr. 11
ReferenceAnker 291, Sittwell: Fine Bird Books p.117, Nissen IVB 547


Beautiful bright colour, some spotting and browning in place


René Primevère Lesson was born 1794 in Rochefort. He entered the naval medical school in Rochefort when he was sixteen and participated in several expeditions. He served in the French Navy during the Napoleon area. He boarded the expedition directed by Duperrey on La Coquille (1822-1825) as a doctor and collected a various of specimens in Chile, Peru and the Falklands. When he returned to Paris, he prepared for seven years the official account of the expedition. Beside several publications, he also produced monographs on hummingbirds and birds of the paradise. He died in 1849.

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René Primevère Lesson: Oiseau-Mouche à Oreilles d'Azur, Femelle.
Lithography of an animal. Hummingbird. Printed in Paris by Arthus Bertrand in 1829.

Zoology - Lesson, René Primevère - Oiseau-Mouche à Oreilles d'Azur, Femelle

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