Antique Maps by Matthäus Merian (*1593 - 1650)

Matthäus Merian the Elder was born September 22nd, 1593 in Basel. He studied drawing and copper engraving from the engraver Friedrich Meyer in Zurich. 1619 he went to Frankfurt where he worked for the publisher Johann Theodor de Bry, whose daughter he married. He took over and completed the editions of Grand Voyages and Petit Voyages which de Bry started in 1590. Together with Martin Zeiller he produced the popular series of Topographia with total 21 volumes. The work was continued by his sons Matthäus the Younger and Caspar. Merian died June 19th, 1650 in Bad Schwalbach.
  • Matthäus Merian:  Rupella Rochelle

    Caspar Merian, Frankfurt, 1657

    Large beautiful cityview of La Rochelle in Poitou-Charentes. From M. Merian's "Topographiae Galliae".

    Rupella Rochelle
    1657 - Matthäus Merian

    Antique town view of the Poitou-Charentes, La Rochelle. Printed in Frankfurt by Caspar Merian in 1657.

  • Matthäus Merian:  Lugdunum - Lyon

    Caspar Merian, Frankfurt, 1657

    Beautiful and detailed birdeye view of Lyon. From M. Merian's "Topographiae Galliae".

    Lugdunum - Lyon
    1657 - Matthäus Merian

    Antique town view of Lyon. Printed in Frankfurt by Caspar Merian in 1657.

  • Matthäus Merian:  Lacus Podamicus / Der Boden See

    M. Merian, Frankfurt, circa 1660

    Engraved map of the of the Lake Constance (Bodensee) by M. Merian. From "Theatrum Europaeum" by Matthaeus Merian printed and published in Frankfurt.

    Lacus Podamicus / Der Boden See
    1660 - Matthäus Merian

    Antique map of the Lake Constance. Printed in Frankfurt by M. Merian circa 1660.

  • Matthäus Merian:  Insula Candia olim Creta

    Frankfurt, 1672

    Copper engraving from Matthaeus Merian, showing Crete, a map of the Mediterranean, birdeye views of the towns Réthimnon (Retimo), Khania (Canea) and one small island south of Soudha, another island...

    Insula Candia olim Creta
    1672 - Matthäus Merian

    Antique map of Heraklion, Candia, Crete. Printed in Frankfurt in the year 1672.

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