Durchschnitt eines Capital Krieg-Schiffs...

Christoph Weigel (*1654 - 1725)
Copper engraving of a maritim scenery. Warship. Printed in Nuremberg by Johann Ernst Adelbulner in 1718.

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Engraving of a three-masted warship. With great detail of the ship's equipment, construction and rigging. In the centre a large and extraordinarily detailed cutaway view. Surrounded by cross-section views, ribbing and planking details, instruments for navigation, compasses and dry docks.

From Bequemer Schul- und Reisen-Atlas also titled Atlas scholasticus et itinerarius by Christoph Weigel. First published in Nuremberg in 1718. Weigel's well-known travel atlas, which he published in collaboration with Professor Johann David Köhler.


CartographerChristoph Weigel
TitleDurchschnitt eines Capital Krieg-Schiffs...
Publisher, YearJohann Ernst Adelbulner, Nuremberg, 1718
Plate Size32.4 x 39.7 cm (12.8 x 15.6 inches)
Sheet Size35.4 x 43.5 cm (13.9 x 17.1 inches)


At lower right margin a tear up to 1x2 cm into the image with manuscript added, corner tear at upper right margin added, small tears backed.


Christoph Weigel the Elder was an engraver and publisher active in Nuremberg in the early 1700s. During his lifetime he published 70 books and series of engravings, including the atlas Descriptio Orbis Antique in XLIV tabulis published in 1720. For his geographical works and maps, he worked closely together with the highly successful Nuremberg cartographer Johann Baptist Homann. His younger brother, Johann Christoph Weigel (1661-1726) also known as Christoph Weigel the Younger, worked as well as an engraver and publisher in Nuremberg. Weigel's company was continued by his wife when he died in 1725.

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Christoph Weigel: Durchschnitt eines Capital Krieg-Schiffs....
Copper engraving of a maritim scenery. Warship. Printed in Nuremberg by Johann Ernst Adelbulner in 1718.

Maritime - Weigel, Christoph - Durchschnitt eines Capital Krieg-Schiffs...

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