Discorso Intorno alla Carta da Navigare

Tomaso Porcacchi (*1530 - 1585)
Antique map of the world. Printed in Venice by Simon Galignani, Girolamo Porro in 1572.

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First edition of the nautical chart of the world by T. Porcacchi. This finely-executed map shows a large part of the world, but in the east it only extends just beyond India. In the south a large land mass labled Terra Incognita is shown. Very skillfully engraved by Girolamo Porro.

From the rare first edition of the famous L'Isole piu famose del Mondo the Isolario or Book of Islands by the Italian humanist and scholar Tomaso Porcacchi. Published 1572 in Venezia in a collaboration with the bookseller Simone Galignani and the Paduan engraver Girolamo Porro. A second edition followed in 1576, and further editions posthumously in 1590, 1604, 1605, 1620, 1686 and 1713.


CartographerTomaso Porcacchi
TitleDiscorso Intorno alla Carta da Navigare
Publisher, YearSimon Galignani, Girolamo Porro, Venice, 1572
Plate Size10.5 x 14.2 cm (4.1 x 5.6 inches)
Sheet Size29.5 x 20.0 cm (11.6 x 7.9 inches)
ReferenceShirley, R. W.: The Mapping of the World, No. 128


A very fine and crisp impression. Small wormholes in white margin. Very good condition.


Tomaso Porcacchi was an Italian mapmaker and geographer based in Venice. He published L'isole piu famose del Mondo from 1572 onwards with beautiful island maps engraved by Girolamo Porro.

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Tomaso Porcacchi: Discorso Intorno alla Carta da Navigare.
Antique map of the world. Printed in Venice by Simon Galignani, Girolamo Porro in 1572.

World Maps - Porcacchi, Tomaso - Discorso Intorno alla Carta da Navigare

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